Ever After High – Spring Unsprung- Review

WARNING! Has Spoilers to Spring Unsprung… OBVIOUSLY! This is also MY opinion, you may not agree with everything I say.

Ever After High had produced ‘Spring Unsprung’ which was out (On Netflix and kind Youtuber’s channels for people WITHOUT it a few days later) on February 06, 2015. The trailer, I found interesting, but, the ACTUAL mini-movie (It isn’t an hour but it’s not an episode, unless you count the few clips that Mattel gives to us) is different, still good, but I thought Kitty’s mum cursed EAH with magic, not with a book. Kitty’s expression was pretty stupid too.

“This, has gone too far..”

Did she have a special connection with the flowers? Why didn’t they tell us? I’m guessing that she didn’t have a connection with the flowers and that part doesn’t make much sense.

Also, Maddie, darling, I adore you, but, saying “The narrator’s told me so.” makes you sound like you need to be put in an insane asylum.

My favourite scene is when Maddie is playing with the fountain at the end. It just seems SO her.


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